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Dark Waters - Chronicle of a Story Untold Magda Allani

Dark Waters - Chronicle of a Story Untold

Magda Allani

Kindle Edition
250 pages
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 About the Book 

A TALE OF LOVE, MONEY, TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH(Illustrated)(Illustrated)London: the summer of ’89, two years after the Big Bang and a few months after Lockerbie, Hillsborough & Tiananmen Square. The Berlin Wall was down, Perestroika had begun and the First Gulf War was brewing. A glittering crowd of Cambridge and Oxford graduates, models, photographers and fun people gathered at the Embankment to board the Marchioness Riverboat. They had come to celebrate the 26th birthday of Antonio de Vasconcellos, one of London’s highest paid financiers.Twenty minutes after setting sail, The Marchioness was hit, run over and sunk in the middle of the River Thames, not a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament beneath a clear, moonlit sky.I managed to survive only to find that 51 others had not.This is the story of how a group of friends dealt with tragedy and of the mystery that still surrounds what happened on that night.Above all, however, this is a contemplation of our relationship with Time and of the infinite capacity of the human spirit to prevail over whatever Fate has to throw its way.